Sony keynote and Project Morpheus session announced for Game Music Connect

Game Music Connect organisers have revealed the first of what we expect......

Game Music Connect organisers have revealed the first of what we expect to be a flood of new sessions for the third annual international video game music conference, which returns to The Purcell Room at London’s Southbank Centre on September 15.

In what looks to be an enormous addition to the lineup, Chuck Doud, Director Of Music for Sony Computer Entertainment America Worldwide Studios, has been revealed as the opening keynote speaker for 2015. Sony’s presence will also be bolstered by the Project Morpheus in-house music team, who’ll be at the conference discussing the aesthetics and functionality of in-game music scores for Virtual Reality.

Here’s what you can expect from the new sessions:


Vision Talk: Emotional Resonance in Video Game Music

One of the globe’s most important video game music executives, Chuck Doud leverages over two decades of experience in music composition, production, technology and business. His remit includes such beloved PlayStation titles as The Last Of Us, Journey, Uncharted, InFamous, and God Of War – industry-leading in quality and innovation. He brings a unique game music world view to this year’s Game Music Connect keynote as he discusses Sony’s current and future visions for video game scoring and celebrates the vital role music plays in today’s and tomorrow’s interactive entertainment experiences, together with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Speaker: Chuck Doud – Director Of Music for Sony Computer Entertainment America Worldwide Studios


Virtual Reality and the Meaning of Music

Over the last twenty years, rightly or wrongly, many video game creators have sought to apply the grammar and function of film music to an interactive medium somewhat at odds with its linear cousin – with varying degrees of success. Games where the player is active protagonist in a real world gameplay scenario, yet is frequently relegated to passive viewer by cut scenes can be particularly thorny. What is music for; who is music for? And now, the discomfort of linear music concepts which don’t always sit well with interactive experiences is heightened in the brave new world of Virtual Reality. Sony’s in-house Project Morpheus music team started over with a clean slate and have conducted a series of trials regarding the aesthetics and functionality of scores for VR, seeking to design implementation systems which harness the inherent power of music without disturbing user immersion. Using ‘show and tell’ they will demonstrate what they have found to work so far, and explain why.

Speakers:  Alastair Lindsay – Music Production Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Creative Services
                     Joe Thwaites – Composer & Music Production Assistant, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Creative Services

More sessions will be announced shortly. Keep your eyes on the official Game Music Connect website for the latest announcements.